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Spider Cookies!

By Emily C.

HFC No-Bake Home Cooking made Spider Cookies Last Night For Dessert.

How We Made Them:

1.) Take An Oreo Cookie And Take The Top Off the Oreo Cookie.

2.) Took 4 Pretzel Sticks And Broke Them In Half To Have 8 Half’s to Make 8 Legs put The Legs Onto The Oreo Cookie.

3.) Then Took Two Pieces Of Candy Corn And Cut Those In Half and Put Them on The Oreo To Look Like Fangs!

4.) Then Put The Top Of The Cookie Back On.

5.) Then Take Two Mini Marshmallows and Squish Them to Look like Eyes 👀 and Put Black on The Back To Attach To The Cookie then Put Black Icing Also On The Front of The Marshmallows to Make Eyeballs!!!

We all Had Fun with It!

I Always Enjoy 😊 Cooking With HFC Staff Paula And Scott.

And My HFC Friends.

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