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HFC Arts & Crafts Project: Snow Globes

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Please join HFC staff person, Nikki K., by watching the video below and following the instructions she created in the attached PDF to make your own snow globe! Also, please watch this Tik Toc by member Zach T. that shows you a quick overview of the project!

Supply list:

● Regular water or optional distilled water

● 1 mason jar or 1 recycled clear plastic/glass jar with a


● One or as many waterproof objects that fit inside of a

jar lid and bottle such as a plastic toy, figurine, a

waterproof ornament or pipe cleaners

● Glitter and/or artificial snow and/or sequins and/or tiny

beads and/or small pompoms and/or cut up pipe


● Hot glue gun or E600 glue or any waterproof glue

● To catch extra spilled water, have a tray or bowl

● plastic spoon to mix with

● paper towel

● Scissors

● Optional: to make your figurine a little bit taller if

needed: use a pop/milk cap or dice or any other small

waterproof object

● Optional: glycerin or baby oil to make the movement

of the glitter/ sequins slower; mix up with a plastic

spoon (I didn’t use glycerin or baby oil)

● Optional: decorate the outside of the bottle

How to make Water Snow Globe (1)
Download PDF • 553KB

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