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For The Love of Knitting

By: Nicole N.

From the age of 12 when I picked up my first pair of knitting needles I fell in love with yarn and have been knitting ever since. My favorite things to knit are wool socks because I live in Minnesota and my feet are always cold. For that same reason I also love to knit hats, and because a woman can never have enough hats. I recently started spinning my own yarn and appreciate it even more because I know how labor intensive the process of handspun and dyed yarn.

Knitting for me is the ultimate fidget; I always need to have something in my hands and knitting, especially small projects like hats or socks are the perfect project that I can take anywhere. I also feel good because I am being productive while also keeping my anxiety at bay. People who know me know that I am never without yarn and needles. I can walk and talk and knit and look where I’m going all at the same time. Although if I am in the middle of counting stitches or rows it might seem that I am being rude or ignoring you, I am not; I just really need to concentrate. I’ve thought of having a sign made that says “Do not interrupt, I’m counting” that I can flip around so people will know.

I bring my knitting to baseball games, and museums, even restaurants. I will walk around a store knitting. If movie theatres weren’t quite so dark, I’d be knitting there too, then I might be able to stay awake. However I can knit in my sleep without messing up my pattern, so maybe I wouldn’t need to. I was really excited about WorldWide Knit in Public Day which ends up falling on or around my birthday each year and went to MIA last year to celebrate with one of the coolest yarn shops in the Twin Cities, StevenBe. I’m not usually one to sit still unless I’m cozy under my blankets at home and I got to get into the Target Exhibit for free that day so my Mom and I decided to walk around looking at the art while I knit a pair of socks. I had 2 millimeter diameter knitting needles and was quietly viewing the art from a respectable distance when a museum worker came up and asked us if me knitting was part of something I needed to do as part of a medical condition, to which my Mom and I looked at each other and she replied ‘no’. The worker then said that if it’s not then I need to keep my knitting to the lobby to protect the artwork. We complied but I asked my Mom “how am I going to damage the art with a 2 millimeter bamboo knitting needle?” I also stated that while knitting is not a prescribed part of my medical treatment that I’m sure my doctor would be happy to write a note saying that I need to bring my knitting with me as it helps me cope with being among large groups of people and noisy environments. That being said I have brought my knitting into countless museums and have never been questioned. Maybe I was being inconspicuous, also we were the only two people on the floor so the museum staff really didn’t have a lot to look at.

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