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A Spring Update from HFC Member Caleb G.

I can hardly believe it’s already 2021. I went to a Toby Mac concert in March right before the covid19 has started. I have a new hobby I love to work out with my personal trainer at 3P Boxing fitness center. It was really fun and I enjoy it. I am still doing my Music business so I really love to write my favorite songs into my journal. It’s going very well.

I have a favorite memory of my great Grandpa Dale when I went out for breakfast with a friend of mine so I had biscuits and gravy, and he loved biscuits and gravy. Every Friday my parents and I we love to go out for fish. During the summer I took my P.C.A. to Saint Croix Falls mini golf and go Karts. In August I went on my friends boat ride for the first time of my life. I also went with my friends to Sam’s Christmas Village to see some Christmas lights.

I started doing online classes with Highland Friendship Club when Covid19 started. They serve people with disabilities from teens through adulthood with a range of opportunities to develop lifelong skills, friendships and connections within their community. The things I like about Highland Friendship Club is fitness with friends, get fit like Rocky, book club, movie days, glee club, story building, music exploration, bingo, karaoke, talent shows, birthday trivia, virtual dance parties, no-bake home cooking, scouting at home, and independent living and self-advocacy. I also got to ask Twins player Joe Mauer a question at the fundraiser. I asked him what was on his bucket list. He said going to Ireland to play golf.

I got laid off from Hy-Vee Market Grille restaurant in March with Covid19, but I went back to work in the grocery store in September. I love working. I sanitize the shopping carts and I like to get the employee meals in the deli.

I enjoy doing a word Search Puzzles and it does keep me busy. It does take skills and a lot of work so I Love to get smart every single day. I still take care of my dog Lambeau on days I am home from work. I enjoy cooking so I made Brunch in a Mug (French Toast and Scrambled Eggs). Some day I would love to cook. My favorite restaurants are and Texas Roadhouse/Cheesecake Factory/Chipotle/Applebees/Culver’s My favorite TV shows are Everybody’s Loves Raymond and Home Improvement Show w/ Tim Allen The King of Queens My Favorite Music is rock.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter and like the prayer I found for you.

Love, Caleb G.

Click HERE to watch Caleb's HFC Member Spotlight Video!

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